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MEGA Modern - Invitational Qualifier - Sheffield

MEGA Modern - Invitational Qualifier - Sheffield
MEGA Modern - Invitational Qualifier - Sheffield


07 Sept 2024, 10:00 – 21:00

Patriot Games, 97 Mary St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4RT, UK


Format: Modern

Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive

Decklists Required to be Submitted to


Winner: Trophy + Uncut Sheet (Rare or Mythic) + 1st Round Bye at the Axion Now Invitational + £500 Travel Bursary*

Top 4: Qualification for EMEA Regional Championship + £250 Travel Bursary*

Quarter-finalists: £250 Travel Bursary*

Top 8: Qualify for the Axion Now Invitational

Chocolate Top 8 (9th-16th):

Winner: £250 Travel Bursary*

Everyone Else: Prize Tix

Note: Only Swiss scores are counted for the Invitational Qualifying Leaderboard and finishing positions in the Chocolate Top 8 will not affect the Invitational Leaderboard

Beyond the top 16:

If 7 Rounds:

4-2-1 Winning Records: Prize Tix

If 8 Rounds:

5-3-0 Winning Records: Prize Tix


A free-to-enter 2-day tournament, mixed format (Modern Constructed and Draft), with the winner being crowned Invitational Series Champion 2024 and receive an invite to the first Pro Tour of 2025.

If a Top 8 player has already qualified by virtue of making Top 8 at a previous MEGA Modern, then the invitation will pass down to the highest ranked player(s) in the Swiss not making Top 8. So 9th place if one Top 8 player has already qualified, 9th and 10th place if two top 8 players have already qualified etc. If a player cannot make the Invitational, the invite CANNOT be passed down.


When life gets in the way, email straight away.

You can cancel in writing until 23:59 on Wednesday 4th September 2024 and you will receive a ticket refund minus a £5 (per ticket) admin charge. Cancellations after this time will NOT receive a refund.

If government guidelines mean we cannot run the Event, then we will refund any ticket purchase.


  • MEGA Modern - Sheffield

    Sale ends: 07 Sept, 10:00

    This ticket guarantees a spot in the MEGA Modern event at The Gathering Sheffield. A ticket is not required to enter the venue and individual event entries can be purchased on the day depending on availability.





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