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When life gets in the way email straight away.

Cancellations up to 9 days before your event will receive a ticket refund minus a £5 (per ticket) admin charge. Cancellations after this time, will NOT receive a refund.

If government guidelines mean we cannot run the event then we will refund any ticket purchase.


Trading and exchanging cards for your personal collection with no financial gain by either party, is acceptable.

It is prohibited to buy or sell cards from UNAUTHORISED TRADERS at or near the venue. By doing so, you are jeopardising the future of Axion Now tournaments. People found buying or selling will be asked to leave the venue immediately, no warnings will be given, and will be prohibited from attending future Axion Now events.

Buying, selling and trading with the AUTHORISED TRADERS is positively encouraged!


You can expect a calm and considered atmosphere at our events. We spend time recruiting, training and supporting staff who we trust. Please respect our staff. If you do not agree with a ruling, or have any problems, you are able to respectfully request the second opinion or refer to a senior manager. 


Attendance at the Axion Now event may lead to your image and likeness being photographed and video recorded by or on behalf of Axion Now Ltd or a third party.

By being present at this event, you grant permission for Axion Now, its affiliates and those not affiliated with Axion Now to publish your name, image, likeness, team or deck composition, methods of play, and written or oral statements. That’s in relation to photographs, live or recorded video, or other transmission and reproduction in whole or in part, of the event. 

You also acknowledge that when a third party, not associated with Axion Now, creates these sorts of items, you waive any claims against Axion Now with respect to them.


At Axion Now, we are inclusive and our mission is to offer anyone who enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering a pleasant and safe environment to do so; regardless of race, political and religious belief, background or gender identity. We therefore expect everyone who attends our events to be respectful of others in the same way. We will not tolerate racist or sexist behaviour, or violence.


We do not allow guests to consume alcohol in our gaming spaces.  At venues which have separate bar areas you are free to use these facilities, however we ask you please do not bring alcohol back into our gaming spaces.

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