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The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Prerelease

Your first chance to battle with the brand new set - Lost Caverns of Ixalan Play morning, afternoon or all day. Enjoy Sealed, Draft or both.

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The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Prerelease
The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Prerelease


12 Nov 2023, 10:00 – 19:00

Chilterns Lifestyle Centre (new venue), Chiltern Ave, Amersham HP6 5AH


Enjoy Prerelease with other local Magic fans, a full week before the new set, The Lost Caverns of Ixalan is released.

Join us to crack open some packs, build a deck, and try out all the exciting new cards and mechanics in this friendly, informal tournament.

A choice of Sealed, Draft or both!

Secure YOUR spot now!


Venue - Community Centre @ Chiltern Lifestyle Centre

Price - £27.50

Doors Open - 9.45am

Deckbuilding begins - 10.30 am

Estimated Finish Time - 3:00 pm approx

Number of Rounds - 4

(Please note this event is for players aged 13 or over)

What you will receive:

One Prerelease Pack containing:

6 The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Draft Boosters; each Draft Booster contains 15 Magic cards

1 foil, year-stamped Rare or Mythic Rare

Magic: The Gathering Arena code card

2 token cards

1 Spindown die


Lost Caverns of Ixalan set boosters for everyone on a winning record.

There will also be a randomly awarded 'Lucky Loser' prize for one player not on a winning record.


Venue - Community Centre @ Chiltern Lifestyle Centre

Price - £20.00

Doors Open - 3pm

Start Time - 3:30pm prompt

Estimated Finish Time - 7pm

Number of Rounds - 3

What you will receive - 3 boosters of Lost Caverns (to draft with)

Prizes - Booster pack per win plus an additional booster for winning all 3 rounds


The 'Two Peak Challenge' consists of the day's two events: Sealed and Draft. A full day of the new set with extra prizes at stake... read on ...

Venue - Community Centre @ Chiltern Lifestyle Centre

Price - £45.00

Doors Open - 9.45am

Start Time - 10.30am prompt

Estimated Finish Time - 7pm

Prizes - Wn the TWO PEAK CHALLENGE by achieving the most points across the Prerelease Sealed and the Draft on Sunday, and win the Special Three Peak Trophy! That's as well as the boosters for winning aross the events.

but wait, there's more! 

All players who complete the 'Two Peak Challenge' will be entered into a raffle to receive a 30th Anniversary Booster! Yes you read that right, you could win a rare 30th anniversary booster just for completing the Two Peak Challenge.

If, perchance, two players earn the same number of points, then the trophy will be given to the player who has won in any head to head they have encountered. If no head to head, or there's been a split, or there are more than two players tied for the most points, the title (and the trophy!) will be awarded on tiebreakers.


We use the Companion app for all our events, to display pairings and enter results.


Ticket price includes £5 non-refundable booking fee.

When life gets in the way ... 

- Those who get a message to us to cancel up to 6pm the night before: we will refund (

- Players who do not turn up for the event: there is no refund


Attendance at the Axion Now event may lead to your image and likeness being photographed and video recorded by, or on behalf of, Axion Now Ltd.

By being present at this event, you grant permission for Axion Now, its affliates and unaffliiated media organisations to publish your name, image, likeness, team or deck composition, methods of play, and written or oral statements in connection with any still photographs, live or recorded video, or other transmission and reproduction in whole or in part, of the event, whether or not those items come from items created by representation of Axion Now.

You also acknowledge that third parties may create such items and you waive any claims against Axion Now with respect to them.


This is an open event - with adults and juniors (13 years and over) playing together. We organise the tournament, we do not take responsibility for the care of 13 - 18 years olds. 13-18 years should be accompanied by a responsible adult.


  • Sealed Prerelease

    This is a ticket for the Lost Caverns Sealed prerelease starting at 10:30am

    Sale ended
  • Two Peak Challenge

    This is a ticket for both the sealed (10:30am) and the draft (3:30pm)

    Sale ended
  • Draft Prerelease

    This is a ticket for the Lost Caverns draft at 3:30pm

    Sale ended




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